How to Find the Perfect Campsite

Finding a campsite that matches your needs can often be difficult. Therefore, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines and rules. When you’re choosie about the food you want to eat while camping, it can add an additional layer of stress to the choice.

You need to begin with making sure you check in with the agency that manages the area or land to ask about where exactly the allocated camping spots exist. It’s also important to enquire about what permits you need to be able to camp in the locations. This is because they tend to care for the area, mow it regularly with special zero turn radius mowers and remove all debris around the site. Next, it’s essential you find a place that caters for the group size of your trip. If the group is a little larger, than it must be able to accommodate some more surface area.

We here are Home Cooking and Camping are big believers in practising low-impact camping, it’s great for the environment as well as your footprint for the next campers coming into the area. Try to set your tent up on a hard surface that is flat and a good distance away from water. Check the signage to see if fire is permitted and make sure you obtain a copy of the fire safe guidelines for the area. When you do light the fire, have a ring of security around it as well as attempting to keep it small and in control.

Try to choose your campsite wisely, the wrong choice can have dire consequences. Be on the look out for snake-plagued areas or rocks. Try to ensure you are not below any potential slides rocks or avalanche prone slopes. This means that camping below a cliff is a big no-no. Also, the plants around your tent are important too, things like poison ivy or oak can can be a risk to your fun.

I hope this helps your find the perfect campsite and happy camping friends!

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