Helpful Tips on Setting Up the Camping Area

Camping is an adventure filled exercise that keeps you on your toes all the way through and at the same time brings you close to nature. Setting up a camp where you will be spending some time is not that difficult a task but to get it right you have to keep some tips in mind. Here are some guidelines which are going to help you in setting up your camping area quickly and efficiently.

  • Selection of the area – The first step when setting up a camp is to select camp site. There are some necessary things that you would have to look out for before selecting the camp site. It is necessary to inspect the area first before setting up your camp so check whether the site is level or not. Look out for the trees and set up the camp nearby for some shade. Make sure that you have water close by so that you don’t have to go far away to get water.


  • Set up the tent – After selecting the campsite, start setting up your tent. Keep in mind that the corner must be facing the wind. Inside the tent, place your sleeping bag on the floor. Lie down and check that everything is comfortable. Get rid of anything that you think is going to disturb you at night.
  • Keep the sleeping and dining area separate – It is always a good choice to separate your dining and sleeping area to avoid animals from coming nearer to you while you are asleep. Keeping your food storage and cooking areas away from each other can help you in sleeping in a carefree manner.


  • Sitting and children playing area – Set up a place for sitting where the children can play too. Mark the place with guiding ropes to stop your children from going anywhere.


  • Put the clothes in your packing bag according to the weather conditions. If it is going to be cold then put warm clothes. Please avoid normal cotton because it takes time to get dry and also becomes much heavy in a wet condition.
  • Choose your sleeping area depending upon the weather condition. Face south to get sunlight and face north if you want to get shade.
  • Dispose the waste carefully to avoid animals.
  • Take excessive amount of drinking water with you and take light food to avoid stomach problems.
  • Bring your personal wood and charcoal for cooking purposes.

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