Camping is Fun with Food and Friends

I can never forget the fun I had with my family and friends.

You can also make your camping trip enjoyable and hassle free by keeping a few things in mind. Carry Zip bags, garbage bags, hand wash, hand sanitizer, pillows, paper plates and cups with you. Remember the is plenty of easy to carry gear right in you home kitchen that would be very handy out in the wilderness.

Learn to set up your tent beforehand to save time and trouble, then you can relax on yourĀ comfy recliner. Most importantly keep healthy snacks and drinks ready.

During my trip, there was much fun, but the most enjoyable part consisted of delicious snacks.

Kids were always asking for something to nibble and chew. Thankfully, I had with me a whole basketful which I offered them every time they returned from a long walk or swimming. Keeping them full was keeping them happy.

I desire to share a few of my tasty snacks with my readers that can be great supplements during camping trips. They are easy to cook and very tasty.

Spicy lemon flavored pop corns


Sprinkle a bit of black salt and black pepper and squeeze half a lemon on popcorn to make yummy snacks.

Roasted nuts


Fill the pockets of young monsters with a mixture of roasted nuts and sit relaxed. They will be busy active all day.

Sweet Peanuts and Rice Crunchies


A treat for the sweet tooth. Caramelize roasted peanuts and puff rice to prepare this easy snack.

Corn and Cheese balls


These are yummy but will not last more than a day if you carry it prepared from home. However, you can enjoy it with the first tea you have on your camp.


Prepare a mixture of mashed potatoes, sweet corn, cheese, salt, and green chillies. Make balls and fry. Place in casserole and carry it with you to enjoy on your trip.

Have a great camping!

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