Author: Amanda


When Camping Get Your Hands On The Best Mattress

Camping has been a common recreation for many, the reason behind the success and demand for good camping location is our busy and monotonous lives, breaking free from the clutches of the concrete jungles, out in the lap of the nature’s bed. Mattress prices are based on the quality and durability. This price also takes into account how easy the mattress is to transport with you while moving camp spots. Because many campers will trek to the next campsite by foot, carrying a mattress that is light and easy to compact into a bag is super important. The technology to create these types of mattresses are rare and often cut a balance between an very firm mattress and a compact one.


How to Find the Perfect Campsite

Finding a campsite that matches your needs can often be difficult. Therefore, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines and rules. When you’re choosie about the food you want to eat while camping, it can add an additional layer of stress to the choice.
You need to begin with making sure you check in with the agency that manages the area or land to ask about where exactly the allocated camping spots exist. It’s also important to enquire about what permits you need to be able to camp in the locations. This is because they tend to care for the area, mow it regularly with special zero turn radius mowers and remove all debris around the site. Next, it’s essential


Potato Flatbreads

I love to make and eat Potato Flatbreads. It is a proper meal and is relatively easy to make with an approximate preparing time of 20 minutes. These Potato Flatbreads are always a good choice for day trips. Camp at the countryside, explore the beauty and eat the potato flatbreads in your lunch, you are going to love it.
I am very much attracted to nature and that is why I love to go outside to spend some valuable moments with friends and family. Last weekend, I and 3 of my friends decided to go to the Cumberland Gap in the Cumberland Mountain region. We selected Cumberland Gap for camping as it was located near to our houses. We explored most part of the region and cooked potato flatbreads for lunch.
Recipe for Making Potato Flatbreads

Mashed potatoes – 1 ½ cup    (Approx: 3-4 potatoes)
Wheat flour – 2 ½ cups


Cheese and Onion Hand Pies

Cheese and Onion Hand Pies are smaller in size but are perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or picnics. I have made them a couple of times and have found them to be very tasty. This recipe is easy to make but requires around 40 to 45 minutes to cook.
It was my mom’s birthday and I decided to make these cheese and onion hand pies for tea. Although I have a cook book which contains very good recipes for camping and home cooking, I was able to make this dish in 45 minutes or so without requiring any help. The best part was that my mom loved it.